Grilled octopus, purple potatoes, Tropea onion suace, beetroot and candied


Carbonaro D’alaska cooking "pil pil", apricot chutney and green chillies


Linguine coocked in a pan with Cantabrian Sea anchovies, Crusco pepper and katsuobushi


Various typology of lacquered fish with teriyaki, leek suace and sea ir


Pork terrine, pinneapple with vanilla, endives, Sichuan Pepper, soya mayo and avocado


Confit of lukewarm duck, celeriac, leaves and balsamic vinegar

Minestra Maritata

Reinterpretation of Napoli's soup, guinea fowl ravioli and its soup

Chi ha incastrato Roger Rabbit

Rabbit breaded in pank with mountain herbs, puree of carrots with anise and Roast potatoes

10 course menu by free interpretation of the Chef

Wines combination

The Founder

Manage an excellent cuisine means facing with a real business, including the custumer's opinion and business rules. You can also find business man that decide to invest in restaurant's prosects without beeing a chef, defining restaurant's identity using the perfect match between the dining room and kitchen staff working through the choise of a chef de range. This is the case of John Restaurant, born from the aim of MR. Giovanni Esposito to invest in the restaurant sector, drive by his culinary vision, acquired over the years characterized by business mealsand in the best italian restaurants. Passion, deditation, clear food experience, focus an seasonal products are the core values of John Restaurant

Our brigade

The aim of John Restaurant is to offert to the customers a gastronomic experience. A journey between tastes and art for excellent meal preparation.

Nicola Lanzi

Ambition, passion and deep love for cooking has been the main point of Nicola Lanzi’s career, always supported by his talent, growed with expreriences both in nationally and internationally popular cuisines, improving and acquiring techniques and skills. Enhancing row products with experimentation and following Mediterranean tradition, are the key points of his culinary creations.

Salvatore Matarazzo

Competence, curiosity and constant hunger for knowledge are the characteristics that have driven the Maître Salvatore Matarazzo to embark on the onerous career in the world of hospitality. The encyclopedic food and wine knowledge, the result of continuous research and study, allows him to propose extraordinary combinations of wines and dishes, taking care of the pleasure and satisfaction of the guest throughout the gastronomic journey. Not only simple hospitality and service, but emotions.


Cooking is not just colourful steaming dishes, a glass of white wine or a nice mise en place. Cooking is all that is not seen: it is discipline, self-denial, frenzy and determination.